Why in India?

Care to Action Italia operates in India since 1991 – despite the fact of being one of the highest GDP countries in the world – in a country that hosts one third of the poor people on the planet. According to the valuation of the Reserve Bank of India, 21 % of the population is living under the threshold of poverty* with less than 1.90$ per day. This fact is making India one of the countries in the Asian subcontinent with the highest number of poor people.
* (Annual Report of Reserve Bank of India published in 2013)

India is not only one of the countries with the highest gap between poverty and wealth in the world, but this gap is destined to increase even more in the following years. Always according to the OECD, the income of the richest 10% of the population is 12 times higher of the 10% of the poorest. Twenty years ago this difference was “only” 6 times as much. (Check these figures if they are up to date)
These deep social inequalities have an impact on the youngest. According to UNICEF data, every year in India one million and half of children die before age 5 and 1 poor child of 3 lives in poverty. (Check these figures if they are up to date)

Why in Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana?

Care to Action Italia has decided to concentrate the activities in Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana – two of the highest populated states in India – since the majority of people lives in rural and marginalized areas, which are constituted by small villages and collapsing slums in precarious hygienic/sanitary conditions.
The headquarters of our Indian partner “Street to School” (supported in partnership with MKT Trust) is situated in Vijayawada – the third biggest city of Andhra Pradesh – along the river of Krishna. Vijayawada – which in Telegu means “place of victory” – is considered the regional capital of finance and commercial exchange. Given its regional position, in fact it is one of the most used railroad which joints with over 320 trains that connects the north and south of the country.
Since we know in detail how difficult life for many children in these two states and specifically in this city is, we decided to start our sponsorship program in Vijayawada and to develop our projects in the surrounding areas.

How to donate?

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