CARE TO ACTION, previously named as Care&Share Italia, was born in 1991 by the idea of a group of friends. Moved by the hunger, the poverty and by the inequalities that they witnessed during a trip in India, they decide to donate a school for the children of Minginapudi, a fishermen’s village in During the year 1991 a group of friends decided to support poor children situated in the Bay of Bengal. Finally, thanks to their dream, in 1997 the school Tharangani was inaugurated.

In the meantime, to concretely support children, this group of friends immediately starts to mobilize friends, acquaintances and more and more people to start a child sponsorship: in 2000, more than 2000 children were sponsored.

In the same year Care to Action Italia became an Onlus and in 2007 it was recognized as a NPO (Non Profit Organization). The Indian project’s partner in those years, until 2015, was Care&Share Charitable Trust, with which the organization put effort into the support of street children, orphans, imporished and abandoned, also through the construction of two villages (shelters).

In 2016 the partnership with the Indian Trust ends and new programs with new territorial partners take place. The welfare approach is also abandoned, preferring projects that, not only foresee the well-being of the individual, but also the well-being of entire marginalized communities.

Through working in partnership with authorities and local leaders and collaborating with other partner organizations active in development cooperation, the association expands its activities’ range, operating in new areas in the south of India and realizing projects to foster education, women’s empowerment and the development of slums, rural and tribal areas.

In 2023, to set off the evolution of the organization towards a new approach and the inclusion of new beneficiaries, Care&Share Italia becomes CARE TO ACTION.