With less than 1€ per day, you are able to change a life of a poor child or young adolescent in India, by guaranteeing the access to quality education and giving them the possibility to continue their studies till the university.

What is the sponsorship program?

Supporting a child is a gesture of solidarity which allows someone (a person, a family, a group of friends, a school, a company) to sustain – by a regular economic contribute – a poor child or adolescent.

By activating a sponsorship program with Care to Action, you will guarantee to a child or adolescent:

  • The access to primary education
  • The possibility to continue their studies up to the university

How can I start the sponsorship program?

To sustain a child:

Who am I going to sustain?

The children and adolescents in the sponsorship program by Care to Action Italia are coming from India, since we are operating here since 1991.
Every one of those children suffers a difficult social, economic and family condition. Some – for instance – are part of the caste of the “Untouchables” – the lowest status of the Indian social system on the margin of society – confining them to the slums. Others are part of the caste of Adivasi – the native inhabitants of India – that life in isolated and limited territories in the north east of the country. Others have lost one or both their parents and therefore are orphans or semi-orphans. Finally, others have physical or mental disabilities.


What are the annual fees for the sponsorship program?

  • 300€ (0.82€ per day) for the child that attends the kindergarden, primary school, middle and high school, polytechnic schools and for the children that are visiting professional training as well as for children with physical and mental disabilities in Prem Nikethan
  • 500€ (1.30€ per day) for adolescents that are attending triennial university courses (nursing, economy, science etc.)
  • 700€ (1.90€ per day) for adolescents that are visiting four-yearly university courses (engineering, pharmacy, medicine and business management) or that are living in our boys home Mangoes Home

In order to know more about the Indian education system, click here.

How will the financial support be allocated?

for the family
for the family
for the community
are management fees

What do I receive?

When you will become a supporter, you will get:

  • The welcoming letter, in which you will find the whole material about the sponsorship program
  • The schedule of the child
  • Two letters per year from the child
  • The report card from the child
  • The Care to Action magazine, a semiannual magazine in order to keep you updated upon the status of our projects
  • The Care to Action newsletter, a monthly email containing the news about our activities in India as well as in Italy

You can also:

  • Write to the child
  • Go to visit the child
  • Support economically his family
  • Open banking saving account with a fixed rate bond registered to the child, to whom it will be possible to send money according to the own timing and economic possibilities

Why the Sponsorship program?

  • Because it will be the begin of a sincere, profound and lasting relationship between two physically distant people that will be close by heart.
  • Because it will give you the chance to support in a concrete way a child in difficulty, guaranteeing the access to quality education, the only tool for them to escape from this condition of misery and to become independent.
  • Because you could follow a child in his journey of growth, education and conquest of autonomy.
  • Because seeing your child reaching important goals and to fulfill their own dreams, will give you enormous satisfaction and happiness.

How am I able to renew my yearly fees for the sponsorship program? (in case of not having a direct bank debit)

  • Activate a banking transfer by filling out and sending us this module
  • Carry out a bank transfer at IBAN IT 28L 02008 02009 0000 40752044 to Care to Action Italia Onlus-Ong with purpose of payment “Annual donation for list/number”

How will the financial support be allocated?

Total of children

Total of children

middle and high school
kindergarden and elementary school




other minorities

Social Status