School 4 Future

With less than 2€ per day, you are able to give the possibility to an Indian student with merits to attend the university and to graduate.

A scholarship to be admitted at university

Between the 1500 children followed by Care to Action Italia, are those adolescents that have concluded high school recently, that do not have distant parent that would sustain them in order to be able to accede to university and continue their studies.
Unfortunately, they are unable to afford this and therefore Care to Action has decided to create the “School 4 Future” program which enables trough the supply of scholarships– to those who have the desire and abilities – to continue their studies, to attend university and graduate.

What kind of student am I going to support?

The scholarship is offered exclusively to the students with most merits, distinguished for their excellent scholar performance. In fact, our objective is giving the chance to those who have the skills but not the means to develop their talents and being able to graduate.

Why support a university student?

We want to give opportunities to an Indian meritorious student to go to university guaranteeing the possibility to crown his/her professional destiny and becoming an autonomous, free and independent individual, but also to invest in the future of his country. Through the support, in fact, you are contributing to form a new generation of young Indian talents actively who can develop their country.

What are the annual quotas in order to sustain a university student?

  • 500€ (1.30€ per day) for adolescents that are visiting triennial university courses (nursery school, economy, biology, etc.)
  • 700€ (1.90€ per day) for the adolescents that are visiting master university courses, single cycle triennial courses (engineering, pharmacy, medicine and business management) as well as masters

How can I finance a scholarship?

In order to finance a scholarship: