What is Prem Nikethan?

Prem Nikethan literally means “House of love”. It is the name of a structure built in 1994 and managed by the Sister of Saint Anne in Ibrahimpatnam, at the gates of Vijayawada in southern India.
Here, they are taking care of 25 abandoned or orphan children or young people with disability, providing them a house for as long as they need.

Why do we support Prem Nikethan?

Supporting Prem Nikethan means no longer abandoning these children and guaranteeing them care, love and a decent life.
For years we have supported some of the 25 children inside by our sponsorship program. However, the structure now needs urgent maintenance, since the building is becoming unsafe and inhospitable.

What are we going to do?

We carry out renovations and support the management of the Center with the supply of materials and the payment of part of the salaries of external employees. Almost all children are in the Care to Action Sponsorship Program. At the moment the surrounding wall is dilapidated and in some parts completely collapsed. Thieves and dangerous animals have free access to the children’s play areas and internal spaces. Children affected by mental illness could leave at any time, exposing themselves to very serious risks. Other planned interventions are the renovation of the physiotherapy room with the related equipment and the refurbishment of the recreation room.

How can you help us?

If you want to assure to the poor children of Prem Nikethan a dignified life, care, assistance and guaranteed rights, support this project. Through a donation you will allow each of them to live peacefully, surrounded by people who take care of them.