What is Mangoes Home?

Mangoes Home is a infrastructure located in Vijayawada, which is hosting 36 orphans and semi-orphans children between the age of 6 and 18.

Why did we want to open Mangoes Home?

We decided to open this place of hospitality to give a second chance to those who – unfortunately – have had a difficult childhood. In fact, every child in Mangoes has had a sad experience of abandonment and maltreatment.

Hence, Mangoes Home was born with the objective to give a chance in the lives of those children.

What do we do for these children?

Besides offering board and lodging to the children of Mangoes Home:

  • They receive necessary support to be able to visit the college as well as university studies
  • They follow professional orientation courses
  • They follow professional orientation courses
  • They follow yoga courses in order to have a better psychophysical wellbeing

How are you able to help us?

The future of those children is in your hands. Through donations – small or large – you will help with the costs of infrastructure in order to guarantee 3 warm meals per day to all children as well as to be able to cover their signing fees for college, since – unfortunately – many children do not have a sponsor in order to sustain them.