Covid 19 emergency in India: Phase Three – Orphan Security Program

The first phase of the rescue actions (link video and news) was started in a context of absolute emergency. We provided gloves, masks, and basic nutrition (rice, dhal/ lentils, oil, spices) for the slums and some other shelters in Vijayawada, Hyderabad and in the tribal areas of the north. Then we started in the slums […]

Covid 19 emergency in India: Phase Two – May

After the forceful action carried out in the first phase of this emergency, Care&Share Italy with its operative office in India and “Street to School” continued the activity of distribution. The difficulties have been many, due to the spread of the virus and the increasingly stringent containment measures imposed by the government that resulted from […]

COVID19 emergency in India: Phase One – April

Care&Share Italy, with its thirty years of experience in the field, has not only taken immediately initiative to bring tangible relief to thousands of poor families who were struggling with the additional problems caused by the Coronavirus, but also succeeded in networking with local partners. With its operative office in India, “Street to School”, and […]